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Do you want to join a leading multi-disciplinary design, content and strategic agency with a reputation for delivering unique, effective and creative answers to clients in diverse sectors? Our team is growing and we’re still looking for the right person to join our team of dynamic account/project managers to work with various key clients in diverse sectors.

About us:
We find purpose in leading the exploration into simplicity.

We love working with brands who understand the value of communication design, whether print or digital. We’re a small but effective team that works hard within a culture of respect and integrity. Every member of our formidable team is fully invested in the agency’s success. We follow passions beyond our work. We love our city and the people who make it a great place to live and work.

About you:
Do you believe in building strong relationships, acting with integrity and committing as much passion to a project as do hard work? Do you go the last mile to reach 100% when others are happy to settle for 80%? Do you see simple solutions behind complexity?

If so, we want to meet you.

The successful candidate must be able to hit the ground running and have solid agency experience under their belt. Knowing our products and processes is essential.

This is the ideal opportunity for an organised, driven and hardworking individual who understands how agencies work. We want to find the right candidate, who will ideally be able to join us as soon as possible.

Send your application, CV and salary expectations as soon as you can to


If your company is your body, then your brand is your face, both sensing and communicating. Your face not only tells the world who you are, but based on the cues it receives, informs your brain and body as to where you are. It works very much like a brand, which should be engaging both your internal organisation and the public with your business in deep, meaningful ways. So says Christo Maritz of Cape Town design agency INFESTATION.

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Now more than ever, it’s critical to have your finger on the pulse of your brand’s health at all times. This means knowing where your business lies within its life cycle: growth, maturity or decline. If you’re growing, you want to sustain that. If you’re on a plateau, you need to look at reinvigorating so that you don’t decline. And, if you’re in decline, you’re looking at a major kick-start or revamp. Continue Reading →


The word ‘culture’, which used to strictly apply to things like art galleries, symphonies and cheese, has entered the mainstream workplace. It’s a buzz word that makes even the word ‘content’ look underused. People on trend-watch associate culture with start-up greats like Apple and Google. Today culture is even trickling into the corporate world, with “Chief Culture Officer” as one of the business buzzwords of 2015. Yet just like the culture behind a good brie, culture has always been there in the creative agency world. This doesn’t mean that agency cultures are always good, nor that culture is all about having a kickass espresso machine or lunch-time yoga classes. Yes, creative spaces definitely make creative people more creative, yet that’s not all there is to culture.

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table mountain

Cape Town-based design agency INFESTATION recently did a photoshoot to capture the front cover image for the Cape Town Visitors’ Guide 2016…

With the shoot taking place at Bo Kaap Kombuis restaurant in August Street, the images were specifically planned to feature a reflection of Table Mountain in the glass of the upstairs section of the restaurant.

That’s not as easy as it sounds to get right, with this shoot in question spread out over seven days after scouting, including all the indecision and weather calls.

INFESTATION has produced the guide on behalf of Cape Town Tourism for the last three years. Here, Sam Bainbridge, Art Director at INFESTATION, tells us what went into getting ‘the shot’… Continue Reading →


We all want a greener, more sustainable world, yet the process of going green still seems to instil fear in some people. Good designers, on the other hand, embrace the move towards sustainability. Not only does green thinking lead to creativity and innovation, ultimately it’s good for business, which to us means happy clients.

Take annual reports, for instance, which are both a legal requirement and an eco-nightmare. After all the work, money, paper and ink that go into printing them (not to mention all the printing of proof copies prior to the actual print run), they mostly end up in the bin. They have served nobody – neither client nor recipient nor environment. Continue Reading →


Christo Maritz, the owner of design agency Infestation and founding member of Open Design Festival Cape Town says our country is proving to be a strong contender in the design arena, with Cape Town as the driving hub.

Cape Town has grown from a quaint artsy city to what it is today – an international design Mecca, which now attracts prominent design ambassadors from key design countries around the world. The stage was set 20 years ago with Design Indaba, which first established a place for South Africa on the world design map, introducing the rest of the world to our design talent and waking the talent within. Continue Reading →

Cape Town Fringe

Cape Town Fringe festival, the eleven-day performing arts festival that took place on Thursday, 24 September to Sunday, 4 October, received a contemporary rebranding from design agency Infestation.

Cape Town Fringe asked Infestation to come up with a strong and unique new design language for the Cape Town Fringe festival. “It was a complete re-brand from the previous year’s look-and-feel,” says Christo Maritz, Infestation owner and creative director. “The logo was tweaked and a brand language developed that could extend to various communication channels, including posters, street pole flags, social media avatars and imagery, signage and printed promotional items. Continue Reading →

Infestation Twitter chat

When: Wednesday, 15 April from 12 noon to 1pm (GMT+2)
Co-hosts: @FriendsofDesign, @CreativeCT and @opendesignct

Through design, we can create solutions to local challenges.
Join us on Wednesday, 15 April as we chat on Twitter about design that really matters.

Q1: What role does #designthatmatters have in your life? #DZNChat

Q2: What can we do as designers, design lovers & supporters to encourage & create #designthatmatters in future? #DZNChat Continue Reading →


In the mid 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented what would become the engine that powered the Age of Reason, bringing reformation, science and critical thinking to the masses. Movable type was no new idea, but it was a first for a perfectly ripe Europe. No professional discipline, or any aspect of society for that matter, were left untouched.

With knowledge and education democratised, ideas and collaboration spread and within two hundred years we were in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. Without the mass production and distribution of information by means of print, our modern reality could simply not have come to be. Continue Reading →