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Cape Town Fringe

Cape Town Fringe festival, the eleven-day performing arts festival that took place on Thursday, 24 September to Sunday, 4 October, received a contemporary rebranding from design agency Infestation.

Cape Town Fringe asked Infestation to come up with a strong and unique new design language for the Cape Town Fringe festival. “It was a complete re-brand from the previous year’s look-and-feel,” says Christo Maritz, Infestation owner and creative director. “The logo was tweaked and a brand language developed that could extend to various communication channels, including posters, street pole flags, social media avatars and imagery, signage and printed promotional items. Continue Reading →


In the mid 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented what would become the engine that powered the Age of Reason, bringing reformation, science and critical thinking to the masses. Movable type was no new idea, but it was a first for a perfectly ripe Europe. No professional discipline, or any aspect of society for that matter, were left untouched.

With knowledge and education democratised, ideas and collaboration spread and within two hundred years we were in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. Without the mass production and distribution of information by means of print, our modern reality could simply not have come to be. Continue Reading →