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Here at Infestation we were late bloomers when it came to our Marc Johns illustration fandom. All the design hipsters were already calling him mainstream when we clambered onto the band wagon, but this is truly a case of better being late than never.

We have been following his blog for more than a year, although he has been making the internet a more interesting place since 2006.

There are few things with a better “feel good factor” than a Marc Johns illustration. Marc’s use of wit, whimsy and dry humour never ceases to amuse. He invites you to a world of lighting cats, a jazz-listening octopus, drunken sedans, polka dot elephants serving pie, jealous scissors and many more things.

His humour can be considered offbeat, but it leaves you with a smile long after you’ve closed his blog. Go and have a look at If you fall in love with his illustrations the way we did, start dropping hints to the right people to ensure your next birthday present is his new book – I made these drawings for you.