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So your’re starting a new venture and it’s in need of a mark to express itself to the market, or your current logo is in need of some revitalisation. Then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to show you a combination of the trends that we have seen in the past year (2014) as well as some we believe are going to make an appearance in 2015.

Type based simplicity

type based simplicity logos


Letter stacking

letter stacking logos



crest logos


Transparent overlay

transparent logos


Geometric shapes

geometric shapes logos


Hidden concept

hidden concept logos


Hand drawn

hand drawn logos

There are so many choices. Make sure not to underestimate the importance of selecting the right logo style from the above for your business, as every logo style creates a different mood and tells a different story. So before rushing into designing your new logo it’s best to first workshop your brand to determine what it is that you want it to communicate to the market.


by Anton Pople


We were selected out of 70 applicants to be one of the 24 artists to create a letter for TEDx Cape Town’s theme “Amazing People, Crazy Places” at the Baxter.

The installation was displayed during TEDx Cape Town at the Baxter in July and asked testers to formulate new words with the installation.

Our prescribed letter was the e’ of ‘Places’. Our concept shows the topography and contours of ‘Place’ by using 40 sheets of laser cut paper, with our letter ‘e’ migrating from a lower case ‘e’ to an upper case ‘E’.

Thanks TEDx Cape Town, it was fun project and a great day!

Alphabet Soup at TEDx Cape Town