Infestation Twitter chat

#DZNChat: Join our Twitter chat on #designthatmatters

When: Wednesday, 15 April from 12 noon to 1pm (GMT+2)
Co-hosts: @FriendsofDesign, @CreativeCT and @opendesignct

Through design, we can create solutions to local challenges.
Join us on Wednesday, 15 April as we chat on Twitter about design that really matters.

Q1: What role does #designthatmatters have in your life? #DZNChat

Q2: What can we do as designers, design lovers & supporters to encourage & create #designthatmatters in future? #DZNChat
Twitter chat

How do I take part?

1. Follow @DznInfestation and the hashtags #DZNChat and #designthatmatters on Twitter on Wednesday 15 April from 12 noon – 1pm (GMT+2).
2. Answer the questions in italics above. Questions will be ordered Q1 and Q2. To answer Q1, begin your tweet with A1. For Q2, begin your tweet with A2.
3. Add #DZNChat and #designthatmatters to all of your tweets during the Twitter chat, so others (including @DznInfestation) can see what you’re saying.
4. Reply to or comment on other people’s answers/responses (just like an offline conversation).
5. Retweet and favourite any answers that you like/agree with.
6. Share your ideas and have fun!

Introducing our co-hosts

Friends of Design

Friends of Design – Academy of Digital Arts is Cape Town’s leading digital design academy, offering full-time, part-time and online courses.

Creative Cape Town

Creative Cape Town champions the vital role of creativity in our city by communicating, supporting and facilitating the development of the creative and knowledge economy in the Central City of Cape Town.

Open Design Cape Town

Open Design Cape Town is a 12-day festival in August that’s open to the public. This annual city-wide event creates an educational, inclusive, collaborative platform for the people of Cape Town to use design and its numerous disciplines to openly share their design with each other.


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