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If you’re looking for leaders, look behind you

Our marketing specialist Miguel Netto recently achieved what very few athletes can claim in their lives. He and 11 other cyclists completed the Unogwaja Challenge. In brief, Unogwaja is an epic 2000km feat of extreme mental and physical exertion. Over 10 days, riders cycle up to 200kms a day, from Cape Town to Durban. On…

What makes a great team?

It’s easy to apply labels to an organisation. Multi-disciplinary designers. Content, marketing and design strategists. Communication designers. But a business is about so much more than the description on its website. It’s about the people who live the brand’s values every day. It’s about the team; the individuals who make up the whole and who…

We’re hiring: Junior-mid graphic designer

Want to gain truckloads of experience in multiples areas of design, grow exponentially, and do really great work? We’re looking for a designer with three to five years’ experience, who is able to work at a good pace – even under pressure – in all areas of design; from concept to final art. You will have a hand in publishing, branding, and communication design, as well as…

We’re hiring: Senior Designer / Art Director

Senior Designer / Art Director Are you a senior designer / art director who thinks in big, strategic pictures, who can communicate well, has high design standards and takes ownership for everything you do? If so, we want you on our team. You’ll need 7-9 years’ agency experience and a minimum of two years in…

Designing exhibitions: making history come alive

We recently delivered a series of striking displays for three very different exhibition projects. In this article we share some of what we learned through the process. We were privileged to work with Urban Brew Studios, and the University of Fort Hare, in developing exhibition panels for a permanent exhibition commemorating the university’s centenary. Archival…

Why ‘culture’ is more than a buzzword

Why ‘Culture’ is More than a Buzzword Previously used to apply to art galleries, symphonies and cheese, the word culture has entered the mainstream workplace. It’s a buzz word that makes even the word ‘content’ look underused. Trend-spotters would associate culture with start-up greats like Apple and Google. Today culture is even trickling into the…

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