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We’re hiring: mid-weight art director required

Art director – mid weight Are you a mid-weight art director who thinks in big, strategic pictures, who can communicate well, has high design standards and takes ownership for everything you do? If so, we want you on our team. You’ll need 7-9 years’ agency experience and a minimum of two years in this position.…

Designing exhibitions: making history come alive

We recently delivered a series of striking displays for three very different exhibition projects. In this article we share some of what we learned through the process. We were privileged to work with Urban Brew Studios, and the University of Fort Hare, in developing exhibition panels for a permanent exhibition commemorating the university’s centenary. Archival…

Why ‘culture’ is more than a buzzword

Why ‘Culture’ is More than a Buzzword Previously used to apply to art galleries, symphonies and cheese, the word culture has entered the mainstream workplace. It’s a buzz word that makes even the word ‘content’ look underused. Trend-spotters would associate culture with start-up greats like Apple and Google. Today culture is even trickling into the…

Seven steps to social media success

Clients often ask for a quick social media strategy to reach their audience and build a loyal following of thousands of fans, followers, likes and retweets. The perception is that, because social media platforms are so dynamic and hold so much attention, it’s easy to build that following. In reality, it’s the opposite. That same dynamism and…

When is it time to rebrand?

If your company is your body, then your brand is your face, both sensing and communicating. Your face not only tells the world who you are, but based on the cues it receives, it also informs your brain and body about where you are. Your brand works in the same way. Your brand should be engaging with…

The complexity of finding simplicity

“If branding is the sum of a customer’s experience with an organization, then every touchpoint and channel is an opportunity to deliver a powerful brand experience,” explains San Francisco-based strategic branding firm Siegel + Gale in the 2015 edition of its annual Global Brand Simplicity Index*. For many businesses, this is where complexity lies: in…

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