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Creating gateways through digital platforms

Creating gateways through digital platforms
Creating gateways through digital platforms

It’s a tall order when a company specialising in facilitating client journeys into the digital world asks you to not only conceptualise and implement their new brand, but to ensure its roll out into the digital sphere. The pressure was definitely on.

ViaDigital is a one-stop shop for companies looking for revenue opportunities and deeper customer engagement through digital platforms. Looking to be positioned as SA’s most successful gateway creator,  ViaDigital’s brand needed to speak to it’s interactive and digital environment as well as convey a sense of credibility, sophistication and knowledge leadership.

Without using generic imagery, Infestation crafted a physical representation of the ephemeral nature of the digital platforms that ViaDigital functions through. This representation showcased ViaDigital’s ability to communicate across multiple platforms and the two-way interactive link they create between client and customer.

The brand was then rolled out across digital and print elements, with the website as the main access portal.

Strategicially, the website was designed with the three key services ViaDigital provides to clients and customers, and rather than focusing on what they offer, ViaDigital’s website is about their results to clients – showcasing the company as an enabler of outcomes, keeping the complexities at bay, and ensuring potential clients are always able to get the information they need in the simpliest manner.

It’s evident from accessing their website that ViaDigital is a company with decades of experience in the digital game, showcasing them as market leaders and the go-to company for clients wanting to connect meaningfully with their customers.