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Giving a brand a face – and then some wheels

Giving a brand a face – and then some wheels
Giving a brand a face – and then some wheels

Of the many things Infestation has either branded – or re-branded – in recent years, we can now add ‘mini-van’ to the ever-growing list of items.

Cape Town Tourism offers invaluable advice and assistance to visitors to the Mother City and surrounding areas. In line with global trends indicating a migration towards the accessing of information from non-traditional means and venues,  they identified a need to offer visitors to Cape Town, a mobile information centre that can service them wherever they are to be found. They approached us in late-2013 to begin the process of conceptualising and envisioning the rollout, with an outcome of launching to the public in June this year.

A first for Cape Town – and the African continent, it turns out – the project was multi-layered and logistically complex. We were to not only skin the bus – or Thando, as she is now affectionately known – but also to kit her out from the ground up, without driving a single permanent object into the vehicle’s structure itself, using sustainable materials, sourced from local suppliers – on a modest budget. We were also tasked with helping create the communication strategy and collateral around the launch of the vehicle.

A challenge is something we love, and the project was tightly managed from the start, to ensure completion in the most efficient way. Briefed to design and build an “office” for staff to assist visitors with online reservations, ticket bookings and other general tourist advice, we also needed to make allowance for specific storage and technical components. The furniture was sourced from local designers and branded accordingly, and the bus, powered by solar energy, also offers free wifi to visitors engaging with the vehicle.

The bus was launched to – and warmly received by – the Tourism fraternity at WTM Africa in May and the social media activation through Facebook and Twitter will kickstart it’s launch to the public in June this year.

Thando will be stationed at events and high visitor traffic areas or anywhere it is needed to meet travellers – and locals – wherever they are when needing information and booking assistance.