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For those that have seen crowds of people walking the city streets on guided Cape Town walking tours and always wondered what was going on, every First Thursday of the month, Future Cape Town organises walking tours through various part of the city as one of their World Design Capital projects. Along with a group of other curious individuals, this is your chance to explore galleries, stores, architect, city design, public spaces and much more. Of course it’s not all on the one evening, otherwise we would’ve been going until midnight.

Each of the Cape Town walking tours is themed with a planned route of some of the cities iconic – and not so well-known – landmarks and buildings, with a bit of history lesson thrown in. This month the tour focused on city design and architecture.

What makes a livable and sane city? What is the function of public spaces and how do we get people to engage in the use of public spaces? These are just some of the questions that came up during our meander through the city.


Our experience of one of the Cape Town walking tours

Starting at Green Market Square, the first public square in Cape Town, our guide gave us some background into this historical square, such as the square itself was originally used as a slave market and as a market for fruit and vegetables and that at one point it was the location of the well that was the town’s main water supply during summer months when streams from Table Mountain dried up. Although there was a lot happening on the square around us, everyone huddled together listening eagerly. We learned about the architecture, the history and the buildings; I never realized so many styles and types of buildings existed in such close proximity of each other.

Each of the guided Cape Town walking tours is different because there’s just so much to see – so don’t worry about getting bored by seeing the same things. Everything from the theme to the route – and even the group changes. But there are the few die heart fans that you can meet up with each week and enjoy a nice walk through the city and catch up.

Check out their website and save the next date – be adventurous and explore the city.

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Written by Anna Sinnige