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Any design or advertising agency will tell you that pitching for a job is a lengthy and risk-filled process. Lengthy because preparing for a pitch often involves hours of research followed by more endless hours of designing creative, and risk-filled because all the hours spent on the pitch may prove fruitless if the potential client rejects the pitch, which means lost time that could have been spent on billable clients.

If you consider that creative for pitches is crafted off pitch documents that tend to be left to an individual studio’s interpretation as they are not able to discuss the brief in depth with the client, the client being pitched to won’t always get the strategic/creative solution that they were seeking. So what you’re left with is a “no win” situation.

“Preparing creative might seem easy, but it is only effective if it is based on a sound strategy, well discussed briefs and confirmed outcomes,” explains Infestation’s MD, Christo Maritz.

But what if there was a solution to this dilemma that allowed for an agency to pitch for work without losing that valuable incoming-earning time as well as possible IP, while still showcasing their ability to execute their work? Recently, Infestation pitched in such a way and won the job without showing any creative directly concerning the job itself.

Ethical Pitching: How did we do it?

It’s no different to interviewing for a job opening at a company – candidates are judged on past experiences, the way they approach situations and the way the follow processes to ensure they achieve satisfactory outcomes – the only difference is that in this case – it’s an agency and not just an individual.

“By focusing on what we call ‘Ethical Pitching’, Infestation was able to steer away from pitching creative and strategy around the pitch brief, and rather pitch our credentials, experience and past projects that speak directly to the client’s brief,” says one of Infestation’s brand designers, Nix Harwood.

Through demonstrating a detailed approach, both creatively and strategically, to the client’s specific project and highlighting the easy-to-do’s and the challenges of the work, Infestation was able to show the client that they could capability manage and execute the project based solely on work done previously.

“Any agency worth their salt should be able to confidently explain their process and their approach to a brief and pair this with past examples, providing enough context for a client to make a decision,” says Christo.

*A challenge to agencies and clients – be open to ethical pitching that focuses on the road to the final product and how you, as the agency will get there. Not only will this save time and money – but also ensure a more in-depth and strategically focused end product that benefits both client and agency.

WDC app large NEW

As a Cape Town design agency passionate about the Mother City and the design that is not only part of its heritage, but also part of its everyday fabric of life, it would have been remiss of us as an agency not to put forward a project during the World Design Capital 2014 Call for Entries, which not only celebrates design, but also showcases how design can play an integral part in the various ways we engage in the social environment. Below are two shortlisted projects that have made their way out of Infestation and soon, onto the world stage:



It’s easy to say design is everywhere, but for the visitors coming to Cape Town next year – and even the locals – it isn’t always easy to find design, particularly across the sprawling beauty of the Mother City. Based on the vision of an economically enabled design community and on the London Design Guide, The Cape Town Design Guide uses the principle of one city, one map and multiple routes. Accessible by web or app, the portal’s detailed, site-specific information allows users to map their way around WDC2014, connecting them to designers, events, venues, studios and the wider design community.

“With next year being WDC2014, there will be a lot of attention from visitors and media coming to Cape Town,” says Infestation’s MD, Christo Maritz. “We’re hoping the official Cape Town Design Guide portal will connect visitors to experience design by finding design to see, to do and to buy, and ultimately experience Cape Town from the perspective of the people who know Cape Town best.”



If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to map out the millions of conversations people are having on Twitter around one specific mention, wait no more. Clear, a group made up of Nix Harwood, Mark Wilson and Ben Hartt, have managed to put the words to pictures and show the real picture behind our massive global community. They will be sharing, through data visualisation, quantitative and qualitative information, the online conversation surrounding WDC2014 amongst those engaged in the various events and those looking in.

“What’s great about visualisations is that they can be viewed in real time and you can access them on any device with a web browser – no special apps are necessary,” explains Clear co-founder Nix Harwood, who is also an Infestation brand designer. “We propose that WDC could use our project to show the sentiment of the social media commentary on how design is transforming lives during the year of 2014.”

For more information on both the official Cape Town Design Guide and Clear Data Science Visualisation, as well as other WDC2014 projects, visit World Design Capital 2014