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Write a blog about your first month in Cape Town? It may sound simple, but trust me, it’s easier said than done. Where do I start? What do I talk about? How can I fit this into a few hundred words. Well I thought I’d give it a try.

Twentieth of February saw me leaving my comfortable home in Rotterdam, taking two planes, and 20 hours later I arrived in Cape Town. Here I was, on a continent, in a country and having touched down in a a city I had never been to. Daunted? Not really. I was ready for this adventure and to explore a different part of the world, and anyway, it’s not like I hadn’t done something like this before.

To be frank, the city is still growing on me. There is a lot I have to get used to and working full-time didn’t make that easier on me. But that said, I have had a chance to experience some pretty great events so far like the Love and Light party at Nelsons Creek and the Holi One at the Grand Parade. Great music, great people and compared to back home, cheap beer, what more could I ask for?

Back home, everything moves fast; you have to walk fast, bike fast and if a train or bus is even a minute late, people are already getting upset. But what I’ve noticed in Cape Town is that everything is easy going, particularly when I’ve been to places like the Waterfront, Old Biscuit Mill and walking around Green Point. They’re all relaxing, there’s good food and a great vibe that tells you to slow down and enjoy the here and now. It feels like no one is in a rush here, which makes it is way more inviting and gives you a sense of calm.

The Infestation Internship Experience

But let’s get to why I’m here: my Infestation internship. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in on my first day, but it’s all been very exciting. Being around a great bunch of people who are open and willing to teach me anything is a great feeling. The work is varied, and Infestation jobs do not go on for too long, which keeps it fresh and challenging. I have enjoyed every minute of my time at the agency so far, and am looking forward to the next four months of learning, laughing and making!

If anyone has any tips for things I should do in Cape Town, they are always welcome!

Written by Anna Sinnige
Digital publishing 1

(Or in other words, what exactly is Digital Publishing?)

Without trying to unpack an answer to this question by applying mathematics , consider that the string would be as long as it is, from where it started, to where it ended. Or you could say it is twice as long as half its length. Whichever way you looked at it, this riddle still seems largely unquantifiable, right?

This sort of grappling with a string that has no end, is much akin to our quest in early 2012 to get a handle on Digital Publishing – the deeper you seem to dig, the more answers there seem to be – you just need to know which one to pick.

It is largely accepted that the term ‘digital’ is associated with the intangible, the untouchable, the changeable, whilst the association with ‘publishing’ is of something having mass and matter, a physical product that occupies space.

How then, you might wonder, did the phrase ‘Digital Publishing’ become such an oxymoron?

Not only is the acquisition of knowledge in this area a bit like floating a paper boat on the Vaal Dam, more pertinently, there is a veritable rabbit hole of information you will fall through, trying to do just that. By scrabbling through our own Warren, we began to uncover the issues in more detail, so that some of the deep magic behind it, has become understandable, quantifiable and useful for all.

Digital Publishing demystified, if you will.

Watch this space for a series of posts dedicated to Digital Publishing, where we will start to unpack the pivotal issues with you.

This episode of trying to debunk digital printing is the first of an Infestation series. Please feel free to add your perspectives, give feedback or ask any questions relating to this topic.

By Sam Bainbridge


How far we have come from the days when you couldn’t speak to someone if they weren’t at their desk near their phone? Remember when you had to make a mental note, or write on your hand to remember something when next you were at your computer?

As far as convenience goes, most of us are lucky enough to carry the world in our pocket via our smartphones. Information at the touch of a button couldn’t get any easier, could it?

Well, it just has.

You know that moment when you’re driving and you see the most amazing sunset and you wish you could share it with your friend living in the UK?

What you would do is (hopefully stop your car first) grab your smartphone, snap the sunset, open an app, type a message, insert your friend’s number and then send it.

Now, with Google’s latest amazing invention, Google Glass, you can just speak, and without having to pick up a phone or push a button your friend can see exactly what you are seeing, in real time.

In essence, your smartphone is turned into a pair of glasses which overlays information onto what you ‘see’, and seamlessly integrates voice control into the process. You can find out anything, any time by simply asking your Google Glass. You can share moments with friends and family as they happen, real time.

Not convinced? Watch this video to experience the world through Google Glass.

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As graphic designers, we have an affinity for all things paper. It brings out the design geek in all of us; no matter whether it’s the new Antalis booklet, a die-cut wedding invitation or the new paper stock that Visi is using. In-depth paper discussions are a very usual buzz around the Infestation water cooler. So, naturally, when an animation short film entitled Paperman showed up on our radar, we were instantly intrigued.

Paperman is a black-and-white short that combines traditional hand-drawn animation with computer animation. This ground-breaking technique is driving animation in an exciting new direction and landed this short film an Oscar in 2013.

The story revolves around two characters that meet on their way to work. In a very cheesy fashion (which we obviously love), the guy immediately falls in love with the girl. Unfortunately, she boards a train before they can properly meet. The story unfolds against a backdrop of perfect music, no dialogue, romance, quirkiness and paper – lots of paper …

The animation is breathtaking and a wonderful example of the substantial emotional impact that animation can make in seven all-too-short minutes.

View the Paperman video here