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As a Cape Town design agency passionate about the Mother City and the design that is not only part of its heritage, but also part of its everyday fabric of life, it would have been remiss of us as an agency not to put forward a project during the World Design Capital 2014 Call for Entries, which not only celebrates design, but also showcases how design can play an integral part in the various ways we engage in the social environment. Below are two shortlisted projects that have made their way out of Infestation and soon, onto the world stage:



It’s easy to say design is everywhere, but for the visitors coming to Cape Town next year – and even the locals – it isn’t always easy to find design, particularly across the sprawling beauty of the Mother City. Based on the vision of an economically enabled design community and on the London Design Guide, The Cape Town Design Guide uses the principle of one city, one map and multiple routes. Accessible by web or app, the portal’s detailed, site-specific information allows users to map their way around WDC2014, connecting them to designers, events, venues, studios and the wider design community.

“With next year being WDC2014, there will be a lot of attention from visitors and media coming to Cape Town,” says Infestation’s MD, Christo Maritz. “We’re hoping the official Cape Town Design Guide portal will connect visitors to experience design by finding design to see, to do and to buy, and ultimately experience Cape Town from the perspective of the people who know Cape Town best.”



If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to map out the millions of conversations people are having on Twitter around one specific mention, wait no more. Clear, a group made up of Nix Harwood, Mark Wilson and Ben Hartt, have managed to put the words to pictures and show the real picture behind our massive global community. They will be sharing, through data visualisation, quantitative and qualitative information, the online conversation surrounding WDC2014 amongst those engaged in the various events and those looking in.

“What’s great about visualisations is that they can be viewed in real time and you can access them on any device with a web browser – no special apps are necessary,” explains Clear co-founder Nix Harwood, who is also an Infestation brand designer. “We propose that WDC could use our project to show the sentiment of the social media commentary on how design is transforming lives during the year of 2014.”

For more information on both the official Cape Town Design Guide and Clear Data Science Visualisation, as well as other WDC2014 projects, visit World Design Capital 2014

Open Design website design

It’s quite possible that the high of Open Design Cape Town has never really left the team of Infestation, but has merely been collected into a small inspiration reservoir ready for the next Open Design because we know 2014 is going to be big. And how do we know this? The numbers don’t lie.

The inaugural Open Design Cape Town event set the tone and made its mark to show that it was here to stay – and as the brand and marketing custodians, we couldn’t be prouder of the success we accomplished in such a small space of time:

Anchor Events: 12 | Total Events: 81 | Venues: 38 (throughout Cape Town) | Visitors through City Hall: 5 815 (21 – 31 August 2013) | Visitors through participating events: 1500 (21 – 31 August)

Events that broke attendance records: Pecha Kucha Cape Town (680) | Creative Mornings Cape Town with Bruno Morphet (122) | Future Cape Town Open City mini-conference (120) | Open Architectural Studios (15 studios) |

Media Exposure: R5 million (July 2013 – August 2013) | Facebook Likes: Over 1000 likes before event had started | Twitter Followers: Over 500 followers before event had started.

Unique Visitors to 11 456 (July 2013 – August 2013) | Page views on 72 622 (July 2013 – August 2013) | Total visits to 20 263 (July 2013 – August 2013)

What’s happening in 2014?

We can’t let on to too much, but what we can tell you is that we’re looking at extending the duration of the festival and hoping to create more platforms through which creative minds can showcase their work.

The year of Cape Town as World Design Capital is around the corner, and with design media attention turning to Cape Town, Open Design Cape Town 2014 can only be bigger and better, a through-the-year platform for everybody to engage with.

So, what will you be sharing next year?

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paper studio

It’s been a busy year for us, and with it coming to a close we take a look at a few of the fantastic Infestation projects we’ve had a chance to be part of, and share with you some of the work and clients that have kept us inspired throughout the year – from dressing Cape Town Airport to welcome visitors to our World Design Capital to rebranding one of SA’s biggest online accommodation booking sites.

Branding & Strategy

When one of our favourite clients gave us the challenge to rebrand their international investment company, we had our work cut out for us. The challenge was to produce a credible brand in a predictable visual market that would stand out above the rest. By positioning Skybound Capital as the artisans of investing, Infestation put together a consolidated multi-platform brand experience that spoke to their core values and business strengths, helping them better tell their story to their clients.

Design and Publishing

Our recent work with Cape Town Tourism allowed our strategic decisions and design to benefit all who visit, live in and work in our beautiful city. With the 2013 Cape Town Tourism Annual General Meeting, we were thrown into the fast-paced mix of presentations, annual reports, visitor guides and campaign shoots, ensuring that visitors will benefit from the work put in by this amazing team of people so evidently passionate about their city. Look out for the latest Visitor’s Guide sporting a double cover. Thanks to photographer, Russel Smith, and his team for their beautiful cover photography showcasing the best Cape Town has to offer.

You can read more about our work with Cape Town Tourism here.


OpenStreetsCT is a citizen-driven initiative, working to change how streets are used, perceived and experienced. When we were approached by the Open Street Cape Town team to design a t-shirt that embodies everything that is OpenStreets – there was plenty to work with. From skateboards and coffee to music and general happiness, the t-shirt became a fusion of elements that spoke to the celebration of OpenStreets.

Branding & Strategy

The travel industry is rife with overused visual metaphors. SA’s biggest online accommodation booking site, wanted to carve a unique space for their brand and we were able to deliver an identity that communicated their Number One status producing a modern personalised on-line brand that speaks directly to their audience.

You can read more about our work with SafariNow here.

Design Education and Publishing

Asking the question “Want to have a designer future?”, we had the opportunity to put together an informative booklet for the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI), educating young people on the different avenues that form part of a designer future. Using trendy illustrations, it analyses specific design careers, and matches its attributes to different characters and their accessories. Bright, bold and captivating – a design future brought to life.

Branding & Campaigns

With World Design Capital 2014 expecting visitors from around South Africa and the world, our airport will play a vital role in welcoming guests to our design city and as such, Infestation was asked to design large sections of the Domestic and International Arrivals walkways with World Design Capital (WDC2014) branding. This is one of the first activations – sponsored by the City of Cape Town – that has brought the reality of World Design Capital to our citizens, with artwork that highlights a few key projects and showcases how design can transform people’s lives.

You can read more about our work with World Design Capital here.

*To take a look at all the other Infestation projects we’ve done, check out our portfolio.


Cape Town Airport, also known as Cape Town International is the 2nd largest airport in South Africa. It is a major gateway for tourism in the country seeing million of visitors arriving in the city of Cape Town annually.  It is predicted that Cape Town Airport would have seen fourteen million travelers by 2015 making it the 2nd busiest airport in South Africa, and the third busiest in Africa, coming in behind OR Tambo International Airport and Cairo Airport. (

We recently had the honour of designing large sections of the Domestic and International Arrivals walkways with World Design Capital branding. It’s become apparent that not many Capetonians know what WDC2014 is about and why Cape Town has been awarded this designation. This is one of the first activations (sponsored by the City of Cape Town) that has brought the reality of World Design Capital to our citizens. The World Design Capital branding artwork highlights a few key projects that showcase how design can transform people’s lives.

Last week Friday we were treated by City Officials to a VIP tour of the airport so we could see the World Design Capital branding artwork up close and personal. It was an afternoon filled with adventure that started with a trip on the MyCiTi bus from the Civic Centre to the airport. After a very smooth ride on the road, we found ourselves weaving our way past floods of oncoming passengers eager to see their families as we walked into the domestic arrivals hall. After some rather funny security checks (with most of us setting off the metal detectors), we were escorted past some rather alluring Duty-Free shops and into the International arrivals area.

It was a great feeling to see the result of many long (and late) hours in prime position for the world to see.

To the rest of the world, we are ready to welcome you to the World Design Capital of 2014, CAPE TOWN!


World Design Capital branding project





We all like to quote Jack Welch who said, “Good is the enemy of Great”. When it comes to design (digital design, graphic design or print design), what is the difference between good design and great design? Does it look better? Do more people like it? Is it different?

We believe the difference is in the difference it makes.

Recently we took on the task of rebranding Infestation. The brief seemed clear: Develop a brand that will convey our ability to effect change through our design. Visually convey the concept that one small interaction with us, will set off a chain reaction for our clients that will ultimately improve their business in a big way.

Easier said than done. The word Infestation does not always conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings. It does however challenge thinking. It alludes to the point where a lot of small interactions become one big movement.

We like to believe that creativity works in the same way. In our work and our design process we look for those creative moments where we know our design will deliver more than aesthetics. The point where we know it will make a markable difference.

Welcome to our new brand identity. A point of disruption – a tipping point suspended in a moment. This anticipation is met with one certainty: change.

Digital publishing 1

(Or in other words, what exactly is Digital Publishing?)

Without trying to unpack an answer to this question by applying mathematics , consider that the string would be as long as it is, from where it started, to where it ended. Or you could say it is twice as long as half its length. Whichever way you looked at it, this riddle still seems largely unquantifiable, right?

This sort of grappling with a string that has no end, is much akin to our quest in early 2012 to get a handle on Digital Publishing – the deeper you seem to dig, the more answers there seem to be – you just need to know which one to pick.

It is largely accepted that the term ‘digital’ is associated with the intangible, the untouchable, the changeable, whilst the association with ‘publishing’ is of something having mass and matter, a physical product that occupies space.

How then, you might wonder, did the phrase ‘Digital Publishing’ become such an oxymoron?

Not only is the acquisition of knowledge in this area a bit like floating a paper boat on the Vaal Dam, more pertinently, there is a veritable rabbit hole of information you will fall through, trying to do just that. By scrabbling through our own Warren, we began to uncover the issues in more detail, so that some of the deep magic behind it, has become understandable, quantifiable and useful for all.

Digital Publishing demystified, if you will.

Watch this space for a series of posts dedicated to Digital Publishing, where we will start to unpack the pivotal issues with you.

This episode of trying to debunk digital printing is the first of an Infestation series. Please feel free to add your perspectives, give feedback or ask any questions relating to this topic.

By Sam Bainbridge



Designing with a difference starts by knowing the desired outcomes. Through a series of interactions with our clients, we define the brief that becomes the blueprint by which we measure our creative success.

We listen. Understanding our clients’ business is our primary objective. Business history, strategic change and project objectives help to devise a clear brief based on desired outcomes.

We plan. After assimilating all the necessary information, we re-interpret the brief back to our client, make recommendations to scope, help to set expectations, timeline the project and plan the work into the studio.

We strategise. Armed with understanding and a comprehensive brief, we explore, evaluate and research a design strategy that will inform the creative.


What we’re good at, what we’re passionate about and who we’ve partnered with, underpins how effectively we have improved our clients businesses through our creative solutions.

Infestation services include:

Brand development, collateral and ongoing brand maintenance, including stationery, point-of-sale, retail promotions, signage and events collateral;

Web & digital design, including HTML, CMS  & e-Commerce websites, newsletters and mailers;

Internal, corporate and consumer publications, including digital publishing for web, tablet and mobile devices;

Marketing and Social Media campaigns;

Below-the-line advertising and communication campaigns;

Strategic planning, project management, concept, realisation, and activation of all types of communication tools.


We print, develop and distribute. No drama – just quiet background efficiency.

With our years of experience and knowledge in the various online, digital and print processes, and a bouquet of top suppliers, we ensure that the final product meets our clients’ expectations, and does what it set out to do, whether for a print or online environment.

And after 13 years, we’re pretty good at it. We tell your story, using a language that is visual, expressive, compelling, clever and honest.

We are outcomes focussed, and our biggest drive is to help our clients business succeed. For this, we partner with the best, to obtain the best results all round. We are proud of our long-term relationships with a broad range of clients – from single entrepreneurs to large corporates. We put in the same amount of effort for each client, as though they were our only. Our clients are viewed as partners and we move fast to deliver professional service, smart ideas and excellent design. We have found that a disciplined process fosters collaboration, builds trust, and ensures responsible decision-making and results that exceed expectation.

But who are we to say all this. Why not take a look at what our clients have said?

VERY good news: Tasso absolutely LOVES the SCCR. He says it puts our document – content and design – in a completely different class even to the ones we have been aspiring to emulate. Many thanks!

Carola Koblitz, Cape Town Central City Improvement District

Ek het gisteraand die eerste voorlegging gedoen oor die nuwe Visie en dit het baie goed gewerk en die storie loop mooi. Baie dankie vir julle insette.

Andre Uys, Overberg Agri

I wanted to THANK YOU for doing such a spectacular job with the PPECB FACE Magazine! The client was over the moon, in their words: “They arrived and everybody loves them, they look beautiful.” Thank you Infestation for doing such an outstanding job, right at the end of the year – it was a push to the finish line and you guys did such an outstanding job, pushing through to the end, I really, really appreciate that.

Tahlia Sanhewe, Talia Productions

Our first batch of maps just arrived and we are delighted with the end result – the transparent paper really does look great and the embossing is wonderfully tactile. Thank you very much to all the many hands, heads and hearts that contributed to making it happen.

Alma Viviers, Cape Town Partnership

Thank you for finishing this on time and with great quality. It makes me very happy!

Anna Backmann, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We’re giddy with excitement for the arrival of our new baby, MOLO. It’s beautiful and so far it’s been really well received around the office. First copies will be winging their way off to the likes of Ferial Haffajee, Helen Zille, Patricia de Lille, the full WDC board. I hope you had a collective high-five around the office for getting this out. Thanks for making it happen.

Judith Browne, Editor of MOLO

“Baie dankie vir die wonderlike ontwerp van die Masterchef boek. Dit was vir my net so lekker om saam met jou te werk. Dit was beslis nie die laaste keer nie.”

Daleen van der Merwe, Human & Rousseau

“You have gone beyond the call of duty on more than a few occasions when we have been pressed for time.”

Linda Martindale, Warehouse

“We appreciate the creativity that is coupled by professionalism. It’s a combination of Wow + efficiency + great people to work with = client satisfaction.”

Philip Todres, A&C Maps

“I cannot express my gratitude more for the work you all did to make my very unprofessional (meaning I am not a writer) book look professional!”

Kathy Wolstenholme, Juice

“The main advantage that Infestation has over the bigger agencies is the turn-around time which is very short and this is key to us at Parmalat as plans change and we often have very little to no time to get activities going.”

Janine Greyling, Parmalat

I thought I would tell you our Jhb office says that the two construction Candy/BuildSmart DPS brochures are a huge success. He has sold a number of BuildSmart systems already, and engaged in contracts already for the Essentials package. This he ascribes entirely to the layout and explanation in the brochures. Each one of those sells a number of Candy systems too. It’s all gone rather well. Thank you.

Richard Pillar, Construction Computer Software

Thank you once again for everything you and Infestation have done to ensure such an excellent publication. The awards we achieved with you in 2012 – for design and communication – say it all. Education Update has set the benchmark for inhouse newspapers. This would have been impossible without your excellent work.

Paddy Attwell, Western Cape Education Department

I just wanted to let you know that the client was absolutely BLOWN away by the Corporate Branding Workshop that you put together last week – as was I! From the client: “And I forgot to say thanks for a great session on the branding! Well presented.” So thank you for making me shine through your awesomeness!

Tahlia Sanhewe, Talia Productions

Thank you for once again producing nice looking stuff in a friendly and positive atmosphere.

Anna Backmann, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

I finally have copies of Woman@Prayer in my hand – gives my heart a happy glow! I’m getting such good feedback from those who are reading it, and the cover and layout always draws positive response. You did a wonderful job.

Desiree de Villiers,

It has been a great pleasure working with you! I can’t believe we’re at the end of the creative process. As you say, we’ll now be busy applying it all to our daily communication with the world – can’t wait to see it all in action. It is quite incredible that we managed the rebrand process entirely remotely. Creatively, you really ‘got’ what the Country Walks brand was about – first take – and gave us three distinctly-different creative options from which we were able to instantly choose one that felt instinctively right. And you were so efficient, and friendly with it!

Sam Holmes & June Zaft, Country Walks

You and your team have been amazing and such a pleasure to work with.

Erin Fay, Maverick Engineering

“It’s finally off to the printers. Sorry about the manic nature of the task…the anxiety and the excitement. The brochure looks amazing. You guys are fab…always thought so!”

Mokena Makeka, MoDILA

“We love it! You got it spot on…”

ShineGroup, Masterchef

“You are totally (and absolutely) blessed with considerable and unmatched talent and creativity.”

Reuben Kadalie, National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

“It is an absolute pleasure, but more importantly fun to work with the design infestation team as they always put in so much creativity in all that they do. They always go the extra mile and get the details right to ensure their delivery is on par with the expectation dependent on each project. The openness, energy and patience is what makes our relationship so great.”

Aziza Patandin, CT Central City Improvement District

“You guys “get” Sally Little. Sally is very involved in the look and feel of all her interests, and has definite tastes. From the start, with the creation of her logo, you have been able to understand and create the look and feel that Sally has in mind. In addition, from my (practical) perspective, you are the agency of choice because of your overall service as well as your willingness to be flexible and accommodating as we grow.”

Kathy Gorchoff, Sally Little Golf