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There’s always something happening at Infestation, even right up to the end of the year. Besides our work, we have other news to share with you before we turn off our computers, shut the doors and head into the silly season.


Providing interns with real agency experience is Infestation’s way of giving back – a big part of our germination campaign. We pick our interns based on their portfolios, their application letters as well as their place of study.

Over the past five weeks, Infestation has been…well…infested with a bunch of eager interns, looking to learn the tricks of the trade and provide industry insight before they graduate and head off into the real world.

This time round we decided to get a little competition going by taking on four interns from two of the top tertiary design schools in South Africa – Michelle Berger and Charlette Hepworth from Vega, School of Brand Leadership in Johannesburg and Carmen Ter Burg and Ashleigh Huntley from AAA School of Advertising.

The interns were put through their paces, working on real client jobs with the kind of timelines that would ensure they knew what to expect when they found themselves permanently employed. The various projects included working on branding and publishing, where the outcomes would be presented back to the client for feedback – meaning the work had to be of the highest quality.

What did they learn?

“I learned that I have a lot to learn,” said Vega intern Michelle, while AAA intern Carmen found the broad nature of the design work to be informative and ultimately providing a good overview of working in an agency.

Ashleigh was grateful to get insight into what the design industry has to offer having worked on a few logo designs for the Warehouse and Charlette is determined to move to Cape Town, reiterating what we at Infestation truly believe; that the Mother City is definitely a design capital.


If you’re interested in pursuing Infestation internships in 2014, get in touch with us on or on (021) 461 8601. You never know – you too might be infesting the Mother City with your design savvy.


In the last year, Infestation has found itself renting out desk space to a number of freelancers in the creative field who are gradually growing their business and would prefer to be around like-minded people, as opposed to staring at a wall at home.

We’ve found that our hot desking has been hugely successful, both for us as an agency always looking to collaborate and grow our network, and for the individuals who have the benefit of tapping into the expertise Infestation offers.

So with it being 2014 and a big year for design, we are looking to grow our desk space and provide more opportunities for hot desking to professionals within the creative field. We’ll be looking at new desk layouts and how best to create an energy where everyone benefits and gets the most out of providing an open studio.

If you’re interested in renting desk space at Infestation, please get in touch with us at either or on (021) 461 8601. For more information about Infestation, you can visit or pop into our offices located at Entrance B, 149 Upper Canterbury Street, Gardens.


It’s that time of the year when us creatives shut down our computers, put away our notepads, and take a moment or two to venture into the outside world. While we love working with our clients and creating concepts to showcase their initiatives, businesses and campaigns; our inspiration and creativity need a little top up every now and again.

So, in light of this, we’ll be closing our creative doors for three weeks, from 20 December 2013 until 13 January 2014.

On our return, expect a bunch of people ready and willing to make your creative dreams come true, excited with the prospects of a new year and new ideas.

Don’t think of it as an “Out of Office”, but rather “We’ve just stepped out to find ourselves more ideas, creativity and inspiration” – see you soon.

paper studio

It’s been a busy year for us, and with it coming to a close we take a look at a few of the fantastic Infestation projects we’ve had a chance to be part of, and share with you some of the work and clients that have kept us inspired throughout the year – from dressing Cape Town Airport to welcome visitors to our World Design Capital to rebranding one of SA’s biggest online accommodation booking sites.

Branding & Strategy

When one of our favourite clients gave us the challenge to rebrand their international investment company, we had our work cut out for us. The challenge was to produce a credible brand in a predictable visual market that would stand out above the rest. By positioning Skybound Capital as the artisans of investing, Infestation put together a consolidated multi-platform brand experience that spoke to their core values and business strengths, helping them better tell their story to their clients.

Design and Publishing

Our recent work with Cape Town Tourism allowed our strategic decisions and design to benefit all who visit, live in and work in our beautiful city. With the 2013 Cape Town Tourism Annual General Meeting, we were thrown into the fast-paced mix of presentations, annual reports, visitor guides and campaign shoots, ensuring that visitors will benefit from the work put in by this amazing team of people so evidently passionate about their city. Look out for the latest Visitor’s Guide sporting a double cover. Thanks to photographer, Russel Smith, and his team for their beautiful cover photography showcasing the best Cape Town has to offer.

You can read more about our work with Cape Town Tourism here.


OpenStreetsCT is a citizen-driven initiative, working to change how streets are used, perceived and experienced. When we were approached by the Open Street Cape Town team to design a t-shirt that embodies everything that is OpenStreets – there was plenty to work with. From skateboards and coffee to music and general happiness, the t-shirt became a fusion of elements that spoke to the celebration of OpenStreets.

Branding & Strategy

The travel industry is rife with overused visual metaphors. SA’s biggest online accommodation booking site, wanted to carve a unique space for their brand and we were able to deliver an identity that communicated their Number One status producing a modern personalised on-line brand that speaks directly to their audience.

You can read more about our work with SafariNow here.

Design Education and Publishing

Asking the question “Want to have a designer future?”, we had the opportunity to put together an informative booklet for the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI), educating young people on the different avenues that form part of a designer future. Using trendy illustrations, it analyses specific design careers, and matches its attributes to different characters and their accessories. Bright, bold and captivating – a design future brought to life.

Branding & Campaigns

With World Design Capital 2014 expecting visitors from around South Africa and the world, our airport will play a vital role in welcoming guests to our design city and as such, Infestation was asked to design large sections of the Domestic and International Arrivals walkways with World Design Capital (WDC2014) branding. This is one of the first activations – sponsored by the City of Cape Town – that has brought the reality of World Design Capital to our citizens, with artwork that highlights a few key projects and showcases how design can transform people’s lives.

You can read more about our work with World Design Capital here.

*To take a look at all the other Infestation projects we’ve done, check out our portfolio.