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With all the anticipation around Cape Town being the World Design Capital 2014, it’s hard to imagine that it was nearly three years ago that we were presented this accolade. Last month, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) named Taipei as the fifth city to take World Design Capital in 2016.

Speaking at the acceptance event in Montreal, Canada, Taipei’s deputy mayor Hsiungwen Chen spoke of the how in the process of bidding for WDC, they discovered that embedding design into the city’s governance changed the face and the thinking of Taipei, and enhanced the quality of service to their citizens.


World Design Capital 2016: Adaptive City – Design in Motion

In just 50 years, the City of Taipei has reinvigorated its urban landscape to include a sophisticated transit system, specialised medical care and a bustling cultural infrastructure. Under the theme ‘Adaptive City – Design in Motion’, Taipei will demonstrate why cities must be able to adapt to meet citizen’s demands. Throughout its history, whether willingly or reluctantly, Taipei has constantly been in a state of change, which can be attributed to its success as the political, economic, cultural, and technological center of Taiwan.

“Our next step will be to fulfill the vision of the WDC, and Taipei’s programme will act as a catalyst for our existing industrial ecology, leading to the creation of more investment opportunities and job openings,” concluded Deputy Mayor Chen. “This in turn will allow us to develop more human resources and establish more market opportunities for our design industry.”

For more information on Taipei as the World Design Capital 2016, visit World Design Capital