Jackie Lampard
Jackie Lampard
Graphic Designer

Jackie, or just Jax as she likes to call herself, is the Speedy Gonzales of graphic designers. We’re not kidding. If you want something done in record time, ask her and before you know it, she’ll come asking for more.

This smart lady loves to learn; she has a BA degree in Creative Brand Communications from Vega and impressive publishing know-how, ranging from print design to front-end design. She is also learning German on the side. As the corporate culture team leader at Infestation, it is also Jax’s job to make sure that employees are celebrated.

Behind the scenes, her spare time is currently spent gyming, cuddling her fur babies and being a lover of good food and fine wine, enjoying epicurean downtimes.

Jax is certainly not lacking ambition. She plans to be a creative director by the time she is 35.