Karla Ray

If the devil is in the detail, Karla’s work is wicked. Where others just put the dots on the i’s and cross their t’s, she rounds numbers to at least 6 decimals. She takes great pride in her work and keeping Infestation on the straight and narrow is her passion.

She plays a vital role in running the day-to-day workings of the studio. Investigations, negotiations, calculations, lists (and lists of lists), tactful reminders and locating documents that don’t want to be found, are all in a day’s work for her.

Karla and her husband, Steve live in the shadow of the mountain, with an open house for their four adult children. Their love for the outdoors means that weekends are for hiking, trail running, walking, cycling, time on the beach, yoga, special friends, fireplaces and good wine (actually anything that does not involve shopping).

So much to keep her on her toes …