Nix Harwood
Brand Design Consultant

Nix is Infestation’s branding and design strategist wrapped in a smiley, happy demeanour. When she joined the Infestation team she brought with her a huge dose of international branding experience. Having spent almost 10 years abroad, she has experience working on projects that span across the globe; from Dubai to Russia, Cyprus to Italy, India to Romania, United Kingdom to Switzerland, and of course, South Africa.

In her 17 year career so far, she has worked with clients that range from Telecom giants, Airlines, Fashion and Retail brands, Finance institutions, FMCG packaging and Location brands. Her constant drive for perfection means she is probably working while the rest of us are catching up on our sleep, painstakingly crafting designs and presentations that make our clients gush.

Nix is our constant reminder that we should never settle for “good” and always strive for greatness.