Sam Bainbridge
Art Director | Visual Communications

With close on 20 years experience in visual communications, Sam’s core abilities lie in dreaming up and fleshing out creative ideas, teasing visual elements to life, finding awesome ways to showcase complex information in a simple way and working closely as a bridge between creative and strategy to reach desired outcomes with various audiences.

Sam has spent the last 13 years with Infestation. Her experience straddles 9 years as a publications designer, 10 years as a designer and art director, and more recently, as a creative director-in-training, under the wing of Infestation’s creative director and strategist, Christo.

With much of her expertise in publishing – both traditional and digital – she tends to pursue and drive communication or narrative based projects, working closely with clients to refine and perfect communication and content strategies that tie into their greater business and branding strategies.

She’s been coaching and mentoring many great designers over the years and shows endless patience for those who pursue her same obsession with pixel perfection.

When she’s not nurturing creativity in others, she messes around in her vegetable garden, gets engrossed in a good book or can be found sparring at a local Muay Thai gym.