New in Cape Town

What’s fresh in Cape Town?

We are well on our way into 2015, and at Infestation that means quite a few things. New faces, new services, new business… We’ve asked around the office for some of our team’s favourite new things in Cape Town, so here are a few suggestions on new places and things to experience.

The courtyard behind Honest Chocolate Café

For those looking for comfort at the bottom of a stone jar, there are two new gin bars for you to drown your sorrows at:

Mother’s Ruin in Bree Street offers a vast variety of gins from around the world, served as cocktails or the classic G&T – with a crafted twist, of course.

The Gin Bar in the Honest Chocolate Café courtyard is a bit of a kept secret, so keep an eye on the café’s Facebook page for more info.

For anyone cool, looking for a cool time with cool people at a cool place, check out:

Kloof Street House (also here) is not particularly new, but great for an eclectic experience, be it dining, drinks, or just to escape the city into a magical space.

Molten Toffee on Kloof street for a good cup of coffee, a fresh juice and some good conversation.

The Company’s Gardens Restaurant, part of the Madam Zingara chain, lets you enjoy the hubbub of the city and the peace of nature all at once, sommer net só, while eating delicious Cape-inspired food.

Kloof Street House’s secret garden

Molten Toffee on Kloof Street

Company’s Garden Restaurant (previously Haarlem and Hope)

For anyone too cool to hang out with the other cool people:

The Eye Café – Art gallery and music store (also here)  for anything to do with coffee, music, or art – a true treasure trove, you could get lost for hours!

For those feeling fancy:

The Watershed at the Waterfront offers an exclusive shopping experience, ranging from textiles, fashion, and jewellery to exhibitions, including the well-known Art of the Brick Lego exhibition.

Batstone Pool, Café and Bar for some luxurious rooftop lounging by the pool.


Interior of the Watershed

And for those looking for a new vice…

Caffeinated chocolate, what more could you ask for?

Try Zang, a new brand of inspired (and delicious!) caffeinated chocolate, available at most standard retailers.










By Mea Jordaan


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