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The complexity of finding simplicity

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The complexity of finding simplicity

“If branding is the sum of a customer’s experience with an organization, then every touchpoint and channel is an opportunity to deliver a powerful brand experience,” explains San Francisco-based strategic branding firm Siegel + Gale in the 2015 edition of its annual Global Brand Simplicity Index*.

For many businesses, this is where complexity lies: in identifying those touchpoints, and the common threads that connect them. Despite the complexity, this is a critical exercise for any brand. It helps the brand develop a deep understanding of what its customers experience – and, more importantly, what they need. Having that insight makes it possible to find the essential ingredient that sparks the customer’s loyalty – and opens his or her wallet.

In short, it’s about finding simplicity within a brand’s complex make up.

The Simplicity Index is a fascinating read, but in summary, we really appreciated some of the key insights the report offered into what makes it possible to simplify complexity.

For John Costello, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Dunkin’ Brands, simplicity can be a brand differentiator: “…Successful brands have a simple premise…that can be summarized in a simple but relevant context.” The Dunkin’ marketing team lives by a mantra to “focus on fewer, bigger things…and eliminate the little things that create clutter.”

Kevin Krone, CMO for Southwest Airlines, points out: “It’s easy to be complex, and hard to be simple…. say no to great ideas that might bog the team and distract us from our task.”

It’s sage advice for living, but sage advice for brands too. To stand out in a crowded world, seek simplicity in fewer, rather than more, elements; and then use them to the best advantage to make them work harder for your brand. The quest for simplicity can have a direct impact on the brand’s bottom line. The report revealed that 69% of consumers would be more likely to recommend a brand if its communication and experiences are more simple; and 63% would pay more for simpler experiences.

At Infestation, we find purpose by leading the exploration into simplification. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you find your brand’s essential ingredient.

*The report was compiled from the results of surveys conducted with over 12 300 people in eight different countries. See more about it here.

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