Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy: Giving Your Company The Competitive Advantage

Over 20 years of working with top brands around the world has taught us that your brand strategy forms the foundation of your company’s ability to perform in a competitive landscape

Your business is more than just what you do every day. It’s how you do it, the promises you make and who you are. It’s your brand identity, and showcasing it successfully along your journey connects you with consumer needs and emotions. It helps you stand out in a competitive environment. It’s driven by your company’s brand strategy, your greatest differentiator, your unique superpower if you will.

And we’re a specialist brand strategy agency who lives to help you unlock it.

Brands around the world 

For over 20 years now, we at Design Infestation have been collaborating with brands in various local and global markets. From local Cape Town and Johannesburg brands in South Africa to brands in Europe, Dubai, Indonesia and around the world. We help define, build and nurture your brand identity in your unique and individual competitive landscape.

How brand strategy works 

Brand strategy is a long-term plan for building your company’s image and persona in the hearts and minds of the marketplace. To help you achieve specific business goals using what you already have in a more strategic way.

And our expertise lies in stripping away the complexity around what your brand stands for and how people view it. We help you distil and communicate your business’s purpose, vision and values successfully. To help your brand achieve the unique point of difference it needs to thrive.

Who needs a solid strategy? 

Arguably every business needs a strategic brand approach. But our global experience has taught us that a renewed focus on your strategy is particularly effective in reinvigorating stagnating sales and when your company seeks to expand to new regions.

When sales growth plateaus over a period of time despite introducing new products and initiatives, it’s usually a sign that your company’s true value proposition and unique differentiators are not being received or understood by the marketplace. And that’s when a finely tuned brand strategy can help reposition or communicate your brand identity better, to reinvigorate sales or open entirely new markets.

And, when expanding to new regions, you’re dealing with more than logistical barriers. There are cultural barriers, too, not to mention perceptions in an existing marketplace. A brand strategy helps fine-tune your brand positioning, tailormade for the new market you need to penetrate, for more successful expansion to anywhere in the world.

Brand strategy by Design Infestation 

We help by developing a strategy that’s designed to systematically achieve your business goals. Your strategy contains your brand differentiator – that which makes it unique. And this is what we use to inform all creative briefs and outputs, from naming conventions and taglines, to communication pieces and brand activations.

And, importantly, we help you build audience-centric content strategies for all your marketing endeavours, in both the offline and online landscapes.

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