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Activating the 361˚ sports brand in a new market

361 Degrees is a leading, sportswear brand in China, with over 9 000 stores internationally. Infestation was tasked with introducing the brand to Indonesia. The Complexity Introducing a Chinese sport shoe brand to a new country, on a modest budget, using ground-up tactics to a non-existent audience is not a simple ask. With many dominant…

Open Design Festival

/ The brand The Open Design Festival is one of the most dynamic design-related events in Cape Town. The programme seeks to highlight how design can drive social, economic and environmental change towards a more sustainable, inclusive world. The event has become a mainstay of the Cape Town August calendar since the inaugural event in 2013.…

Creating a competitive edge in a crowded market

/ The brand Horizon Capital Residential is a boutique property development firm specialising in designing, developing and marketing new urban residential properties to local and international investors. They also market commercial properties. Their core geographical focus is Cape Town, but they also have a presence in Bath in the UK. / The complexity The property development market…

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