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Activating the 361˚ sports brand in a new market

Sam Bainbridge

Activating the 361˚ sports brand in a new market

361 Degrees is a leading, sportswear brand in China, with over 9 000 stores internationally. Infestation was tasked with introducing the brand to Indonesia.

The Complexity

Introducing a Chinese sport shoe brand to a new country, on a modest budget, using ground-up tactics to a non-existent audience is not a simple ask.

With many dominant players in the Indonesian sport apparel market, the perception is that international brands are better. The challenge was to establish a unique brand position, leverage it to build awareness and trust, and ultimately drive sales.



Our strategy to showcase 361 Degrees as a high performance brand was based on their successful global position and proven product excellence.

The international tagline ‘One Degree Beyond’ encapsulates the brand’s ethos of striving for more. Our job was to demystify what this means for an Indonesian audience. The approach we took was that ‘One Degree Beyond’ is about getting MORE out of life. Whether in running and training, or in one's everyday existence, getting more performance, more technology or more fun is the incentive that drives our audience, and our messaging.

In the creative, we used MORE as a reason to believe, and chose to showcase the practical and emotional benefits of the product to drive awareness.

While the creative leans upon the international position, the campaign is unique to Indonesia.


Marketing Channels

As a new brand, the budget and spend were carefully weighed up to obtain the most effective reach in a country with a population of 260 million people.

We decided on a bottom-up approach to infiltrate the market through on-the-ground activations at running clubs, in gyms, in malls, in Matahari stores. Our strategy also included developing a running club and two running events from the ground up, and taking on key sponsorships in important race events.

Our digital channels included YouTube, the Google network and social media, with the support of local micro influencers on Instagram.


Point of Purchase Display

Showcasing a brand's visibility in-store is an effective way of capturing the attention of potential buyers, and point of purchase promotions are a proven means of increasing the total cost of customers' baskets.

With 159 outlets in 75 cities in Indonesia, Matahari Department Store was chosen as the most appropriate retail distribution channel for the brand.  Additionally, 361˚ also opened a handful of flagship stores in Jakarta and Surabaya, both requiring a consistent and enticing display system.


Event Sponsorship

One of the most effective ways of communicating the brand's high-performance position was through initiating two new sponsored running events; The Matahari Family Fun Run in the first quarter of the year, and the 361˚ Performance Run in August of 2019.

Each of these events required a vigorous marketing strategy, robust PR and strong brand collateral to establish the brand as a serious contender in the performance shoe segment.

Infestation provided the strategic briefs and direction as well as the creative outputs for our partner agencies in Indonesia to drive and deliver on their mandates.


The Jakarta Marathon

361 Degrees took on the official apparel sponsorship of the annual Jakarta Marathon, the largest road running marathon in Indonesia. With 18 000 participants, this activation is a key leverage point for exposure and advertising on all channels, using local PR to promote the brand, pre and post the event to reach an unprecedented number of people.



Together with our Indonesian video production partners, we developed and directed a television commercial tailored to the Indonesian market, highlighting the brand’s personality and encouraging people to be more active and stripping away the excuses we commonly use not to run.

The TVC was promoted in cinemas, on YouTube and through the Google Network, as well as on social media. In the month of August alone, we had 2.3million Youtube views and 5,5k subscribers. On Instagram we saw a 15,8% increase in followers and achieved a 45% spike in traffic to our website.


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