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Creating a competitive edge in a crowded market

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Creating a competitive edge in a crowded market


/ The brand

Horizon Capital Residential is a boutique property development firm specialising in designing, developing and marketing new urban residential properties to local and international investors. They also market commercial properties. Their core geographical focus is Cape Town, but they also have a presence in Bath in the UK.


/ The complexity

The property development market is very crowded, and in many cases is populated by firms that have operated unethically and solely for profit. This has cast a veil of suspicion and mistrust over the sector. Horizon Capital Residential seeks to break this mould. Their context is additionally complex because of the products themselves: selling property off-plan means promoting a high-cost yet intangible product that doesn’t yet have a history, personality or presence.

As developers Horizon Capital needed to find new ways to differentiate themselves and their product. The company turned to us with a brief to help them position themselves above the competition. They tasked us to promote three of their developments in Cape Town, located in Observatory, Vredehoek and Sea Point. While the different locations would appeal to attract three completely different audiences, we wanted to create a unified link that would overlay each campaign to reinforce the credibility of the Horizon Capital brand.


/ Our simple solution

We approached the challenge from a brand perspective, creating a brand personality that reinforced Horizon Capital’s conscious intent to operate differently – more ethically, more sustainably – than their competitors. We labelled this conscious development and explicitly built that positioning into their key corporate messaging. To reflect the unified positioning, we designed all sales material for each development to have a consistent look and feel, while still focusing on each development’s unique selling points.

In terms of the products themselves, we considered not only the building, but the neighbourhoods in which the buildings would exist. In doing so, we looked at the characteristics and personality of the different locations, placing the buildings in the unique context of each neighbourhood. This approach created a clear picture in the buyer’s mind of the lifestyle the development would enable them to embrace. While the language and imagery used was devised in a way that the unique target audience would relate directly to the messaging, it also allowed Horizon Capital to entrench their brand positioning across the entire suite of documents.


The approach worked: nine of the 11 apartments in The Solis development, in Sea Point, sold out within the first month, generating sales of R50 million. The Observatory development, The Eden, was successfully launched, generating sales of R120 million in the first six month. And The Elm, located in Vredehoek sold eight of the 11 apartments within the first five months, at a value of R31 million.


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