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Matahari – Bringing the feel good back to Indonesia’s largest fashion retailer.

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Matahari – Bringing the feel good back to Indonesia’s largest fashion retailer.

 The brand

Matahari is Indonesia’s biggest fashion department store with over 155 stores nationwide employing over 40 000 people. They have a revenue of over $1,5 Billion and are listed on the Indonesian stock exchange. They did not have a formal brand position and were trading on their legacy of providing affordable quality fashion to the middle to lower class at discounted prices.

The CEO asked a simple and pertinent question: “what does my brand currently stand for and what should it stand for”.

Matahari_Artboard 3

 The complexity

The Indonesian market is very competitive and discounted merchandise seems to be the red water all retailers are battling in. There has also been an influx of international retailers such as H&M, ZARA and UNIQLO who are trying to get their share of the market with fast fashion and international trends.

Furthermore, Indonesia is a huge country geographically and demographically, which means the brand needs to be relevant within first-world cities as well as in rural towns. YOY growth of sales within Matahari had declined in the year prior to our appointment, sparking the need for the repositioning and the revitalisation of the company.

The complexity included directing an in-house marketing team, whose systems and processes needed reinvention and redirection – from halfway across the world.

 Our simple solution

We started with an in-depth brand and industry audit that revealed that there was an imbalance with their brand position. Not enough equity was present within the emotional side of the brand personality. We clarified and devised a new purpose for the business based on their (forgotten) core values and built a brand position and new tagline from there.

Our new brand position and tagline provided the emotive north star with which to re-align their internal and external brand identity.

A Brand position with an emotional tagline:

Matahari_Artboard 5
Matahari_Artboard 6
Matahari_Artboard 7

Feel Good tagline launched into new print templates:

Matahari__Artboard 8
Matahari_Artboard 9
Matahari__Artboard 10

Feel Good promoted in all digital spaces:

Matahari_Artboard 11

Feel Good introduced into all TVC:

Feel Good in all 155 department stores:

Matahari__Artboard 13

Feel Good internal staff activations:

Matahari__Artboard 14

Before and after:

Matahari_Artboard 16

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