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MyGoi Brand Development

MyGetaway Group in Ghana are developers of upscale resort communities and hotels for the West African market. The MyGoi Beach Resort, launched at a Property Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States in July 2018, is their latest undertaking.

The Brief

With 1,3 million tourists to Ghana yearly, Infestation’s task was to help define and harness MyGoi’s point of differentiation, in order to attract their share of this audience. We were briefed to devise a full brand development for MyGoi Beach Resort, from brand strategy through to brand visualisation, including all rollout and marketing communications necessary for the launch in mid-2018.


Our Approach

We assisted the group in defining their compelling difference in the marketplace as being their responsible mindset. While an investor can own their share of this luxury resort, communities and the heritage of the area has been consciously valued and respected in the process. By defining what it means to offer luxury accommodation with a clear conscience, we helped MyGetaway Group deliver a believable market differentiator for MyGoi that brokers trust for locals and tourists alike.


Our Simple Solution

In the brand development that followed, we used elements from nature and arranged them into different pattern sequences that reference traditional Ghanian Kente textile design. This pattern is found both in the primary mark, and in the secondary branding. The logo design supports a naming structure that can be rolled out into future developments eg. MyAburi Wellness Spar and MyBiriwa Mountain Resort.


The Outcome

The resort’s launch at the property expo was deemed a success, with keen interest shown by potential investors. The feedback on the marketing collateral was overwhelmingly positive and MyGoi Beach Resorts was voted as the best presented company at the show. The resort will continue to unroll in three phases.

Our Work

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