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Todwil Brand Revision

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Todwil Brand Revision

The complexity

Todwil, a longstanding producer of end-to-end shopfitting, point-of-purchase branding and corporate signage solutions recognized their need for a brand update, and alongside this, the need to restructure the hierarchy of their internal divisions and sub-brands, which were not in alignment with the parent brand.

We were tasked to evaluate and adjust the positioning of the parent brand as well as restructure the brand hierarchy in order to form a unity within the umbrella. An endorsed brand architecture was the logical choice in this specific case.

Design objective

The company's design presence needed to be on par with its competitors to keep them relevant within their market, but the challenge was to align the different units and sub-brands into a singular brand environment, without compromising existing brand equity.


The logo

The first design task was to revamp the Todwil Group's logo, the parent brand that would influence all the other internal and sub-brands within the hierarchy.

A unique wordmark was crafted to address the need for the brand to appear approachable and credible. An additional dimensional element was brought into the design via an angle at the bottom of the letter "L". This was emphasized in the secondary brand, seen further below.


Secondary brand

The secondary brand environment is clean and emphasizes the dimensional aspect created in the Todwil logo. This dimensionality relates directly to the areas where the business applies its service/product, namely: display, exterior and interior.

The below examples show how this 45-degree angle is applied to a multitude of applications.

T Extra


Upon completion of the primary brand and its secondary language style, the team also aligned the two sub-brands with the parent brand. This was done by using identifiable visual cues of shape and colour from the parent brand (Todwil) and introducing them with the structure of the sub-brands.

An additional endorsement line was added to each of these brands to solidify their tie to the Todwil brand.


The new brand

The flow chart below shows how all the brands within the endorsed brand architecture lives comfortably under one umbrella.


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