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Content Creation and Publishing that Delights and Inspires Your Audience

Masters of brand content creation: Our team helps you tell exciting and compelling stories that inspire action

There’s an exciting new way to delight and surprise your audience to inspire action. Content creation is the process of creating, publishing and distributing compelling brand content that talks to your consumer/stakeholder’s needs first. And your traditional advertising and marketing agencies will be the first to say that they prefer not to create this content themselves. In fact, they’ll often call us at Design Infestation in to handle it because we’re a specialist content creation agency.

Content creation and publishing for your brand

Why focus on content? When brands tell the right stories, people listen. It’s hardwired into our human make-up, to listen and share stories. And there’s an incredible amount of research results that show that people respond very well to brands that are able to tell compelling stories – and that those stories inspire them to action. We see it in action daily on social media.

In fact, the research has led to a whole new field of marketing being created in recent years, called content marketing.

Reaching your consumer through content marketing

Content marketing is the process of marketing your brand, products and services through valuable and inspiring content instead of traditional advertising. It’s focused on the audience (your customer) and their needs, wants, fears and hopes.

It’s characterised by looking at how your brand can serve your consumer first, by providing exciting and valuable information or insights around what they are interested in, to build engagement and trust before slowly introducing your products to them later in a friendly and more trusting environment. It’s the ultimate case of selling the sizzle (the lifestyle, the aspirations) before the steak (the product that enables it all).

And, as you might have guessed, content marketing works on almost every medium imaginable.

Content  on all platforms

Content is everywhere. On your phone. At the newsstand. On the street. And we specialise in conceptualising and strategically creating content for every platform imaginable.

You have digital content, which spans about every online platform you can imagine – from websites to social media, digital publications and email, including written content, photography, video and animation, we do it all.

We even create and publish content in the traditional print space and have been involved in numerous real-world exhibitions and activations – see our work below.

Content creation by Design Infestation

For over 20 years now, we at content creation agency Design Infestation have been collaborating with brands in creating their content in various markets, from local Cape Town and Johannesburg brands in South Africa to brands in Europe, Dubai, Indonesia and around the world.

Our content creators are masters at persuading an audience to relate to what they are being served. Whether you need a printed annual report or an animated video for social media, we can help you visually tell your story.

Our designers are publishing experts and adept at remodelling large volumes of content into visually exciting pieces, using the brand as their lead. But we also tailor your content so that it reaches the right markets, whether for B2B or B2C environments. And our talented wordsmiths offer copywriting, proofreading and editing services that inspire, sell and inform.

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