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Graphic Designer/Layout Artist

Are you strong in publishing or magazine design? Do you think about life in terms of leading, kerning, composition and drop caps? Infestation is looking for a layout designer who has a love for creating newsletters (both on and offline), reports, brochures, pamphlets and annual reports. Good compositional layouts, following existing brand guidelines and style…

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Hot job: Mid-Senior Account Manager

Hello, 2016! We’ve heard rumours that this year is going to kick off with some amazing new prospects. Now, we’re not fortune tellers, but we do know a thing or two about good vibes and hard work, and when we glance into our imaginary crystal ball we do foresee a rad account manager joining our…

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HELLO, 2016, you beauty!

As we trickle back into the office, the Cape sun shining brightly and memories of sipping margaritas during sunset slowly fading, we are gearing ourselves for an unforgettable 2016. With well-rested minds, sparkly eyes and fresh tans, the Infestation team is set to take on a year of both professional and personal growth, while obsessively…

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Infestation to Expand International Presence

In keeping with our drive to offer single-minded solutions across a multitude of complex challenges within the world of branding, we are excited to announce our expansion to the land of Yorkshire pudding, Buckingham Palace and fanatic footie fans – London.

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Madonna vs Meat Loaf: When is it time to rebrand?

If your company is your body, then your brand is your face, both sensing and communicating. Your face not only tells the world who you are, but based on the cues it receives, informs your brain and body as to where you are. It works very much like a brand, which should be engaging both…

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The Thinking Behind Stand-Out Brands

Now more than ever, it’s critical to have your finger on the pulse of your brand’s health at all times. This means knowing where your business lies within its life cycle: growth, maturity or decline. If you’re growing, you want to sustain that. If you’re on a plateau, you need to look at reinvigorating so…

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