Who we are


Designing with a difference starts by knowing the desired outcomes. Through a series of interactions with our clients, we define the brief that becomes the blueprint by which we measure our creative success.

We listen. Understanding our clients’ business is our primary objective. Business history, strategic change and project objectives help to devise a clear brief based on desired outcomes.

We plan. After assimilating all the necessary information, we re-interpret the brief back to our client, make recommendations to scope, help to set expectations, timeline the project and plan the work into the studio.

We strategise. Armed with understanding and a comprehensive brief, we explore, evaluate and research a design strategy that will inform the creative.
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What we’re good at, what we’re passionate about and who we’ve partnered with, underpins how effectively we have improved our client’s businesses through our creative solutions.

Infestation services include:

Brand development, collateral and ongoing brand maintenance, including stationery, point-of-sale, retail promotions, signage and events collateral;

Web & digital design, including HTML, CMS  & e-Commerce websites, newsletters and mailers;

Internal, corporate and consumer publications, including digital publishing for web, tablet and mobile devices;

Marketing and Social Media campaigns;

Below-the-line advertising and communication campaigns;

Strategic planning, project management, concept, realisation, and activation of all types of communication tools.
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We print, develop and distribute. No drama – just quiet background efficiency.

With our years of experience and knowledge in the various online, digital and print processes, and a bouquet of top suppliers, we ensure that the final product meets our clients’ expectations, and does what it set out to do, whether for a print or online environment.

And after 18 years, we’re pretty good at it. We tell your story, using a language that is visual, expressive, compelling, clever and honest.

We are outcomes focused, and our biggest drive is to help our clients business succeed. For this, we partner with the best, to obtain the best results all round. We are proud of our long-term relationships with a broad range of clients – from single entrepreneurs to large corporates. We put in the same amount of effort for each client, as though they were our only. Our clients are viewed as partners and we move fast to deliver professional service, smart ideas and excellent design. We have found that a disciplined process fosters collaboration, builds trust, and ensures responsible decision-making and results that exceed expectation.

But who are we to say all this. Why not take a look at what our clients have said?