Purpose-led sustainable kids clothing brand – making waves in Indonesia.

Kindr is a start-up kids clothing brand in Jakarta, Indonesia selling and providing a trade-in service for their sustainably produced kids’ clothing via their and other online platforms.

The brand’s operating essence, “As your child grows, why should their wardrobe?”, is executed by offering parents new and preloved kids’ clothing for purchase, either with money or with Kindr credits, that are earned through trading in outgrown items. Preloved items are then checked and hygienically cleaned before being offered at a reduced rate to a new owner. Each trade-in significantly decreases the carbon footprint of every item. More on how it works.

Kindr to kids, Kindr to parents and Kindr to the environment.

Then the fun began. The strong foundation of the brand strategy made designing the Kindr brand a pleasure, with all visuals having a clear conceptual direction to be measured against.

Working closely with the ‘dedicated to the cause’ local team elevated our sense of responsibility to deliver a winning final product.

Challenged with communicating this new way of shopping to the Indonesian market. We utilised social media channels and existing local e-commerce platforms – growing their following to 38.9k from 2021-2023. Kindr is a purpose-led brand with a vision of expanding globally, to save the planet, one clothing item at a time.


Thank you

We would love to give a huge shoutout to Infestation for helping us create kindr’s cute yet innovative designs, interesting articles, also plan a great, strategic, fresh strategy for our social media. Great team makes a great work. Hope we can keep this up!

Novia Sekar

– Kindr team