V&A Waterfront

Introducing a sense of community and togetherness in a time of uncertainty.

Tasked with helping the V&A Waterfront create a sense of unity and community for its visitors during the uncertainty and fear of COVID-19 was no easy task. As restrictions were enforced, visitation to populated malls and destinations like the V&A became sparse. This, coupled with an increased amount of fear and paranoia led the V&A to shift their communications to focus on uniting visitors and creating a safe space and community for all.

We worked on creating a through-the-line communications strategy, incorporating a unique visual identity to unite and create an authentic and inclusive place to inspire growth for the brand and ensure the feeling of safety and joy amongst all its visitors.

The campaign, ‘Our Worlds Together’, introduced a big idea in this time of unsteadiness. Allowing visitors to step away from the fear generated mid-COVID, where people were looking to restart their lives and be re-introduced to what they know and love – in the safest way possible. The concept and visual identity was playful and quirky while remaining true to the V&A Waterfront brand.

The concept was based on reconnecting our lives and our worlds by staying apart. Showing the juxtaposition of people in physically different places – but still connected emotionally. Creating a sense of community despite distance.

This included a full campaign roll-out both on and offline. Including mall activations, POP, digital screens, outdoor areas and walkways throughout the V&A Waterfront’s premises.

#OurWorldsTogether – We’re closer than we think!