Launching high performance footwear into the global market.

The process that goes into launching a new shoe for a worldwide global sports brand such as 361˚ is no simple task. The first step after the shoe has been designed and samples have been distributed is to decide how it will be positioned in the market. To do this we have to look at the 361˚ performance range as a whole, coupled with the specific key benefits and technology of each shoe individually.  This leaves the challenge of answering the key question – how will this shoe look in the market and what will its unique product story be?

Then comes the fun part! We start to brainstorm a story for the shoe that will connect with the audience it is intended for. Is it a trail shoe, made for marathon runners, everyday runners, beginners, long-distance runners, etc? These stories visually translate into all our marketing assets and how the public and retailers are first introduced to the shoe.

Tech sheets are then created for each shoe – these are documents with detailed descriptions of all the latest technology and special features of the shoe, including the important technical aspects such as drop, weight, materials, shoe wall details, etc. These factors are incredibly important to professional runners when selecting trainers and are important for buyers at seasonal order fairs when they select their stock for the season.

The shoes are then photographed at our in-house photo booth to capture principal images and close-ups. We then shoot photogrammetry of each shoe as well as rotating 360˚video – all used for social media and web. The last step is planning a 2-3 day photoshoot per season/quarter to shoot multiple shoes in action at different locations.

These images get used on a wide array of channels – from social media, website, POP and product descriptor pages for digital and print. Multiple videos and reels for web and social media are also shot, which are distributed to marketers globally. Finally, key visuals are designed for each shoe – which are used in our seasonal product catalogues.

Working with this brand has been incredibly educational and a huge learning experience for our agency. Doing tasks and solving problems that go beyond the borders of what a traditional brand and marketing agency usually does. From coordinating photoshoots, holding castings, conversing with photographers and videographers, and keeping track of budgets and location sourcing. This project has allowed us to expand our offering and curate our skills more than we could have imagined.

From strategy, to copyrighting, graphic design, photography, photogrammetry, event planning, ambassador management, social media managing and POP/in-store content creation – we truly have covered all the bases, delivering a 360˚ service offering to this client. While learning important skills and having a whole lot of fun on the way – working with a larger global team with regional head offices in Xiamen, Europe, Latin America and the USA. All are challenged with delivering global content that can be applied locally.

361˚ is becoming one of the most popular sports brands in the world and hopefully with our help will not show signs of slowing down anytime soon!