Solidifying the reputation for quality education in South Africa.

After 25 years Curro has positioned itself as a credible alternative education provider in South Africa. It stands as a leading independent school network that offers a range of options for parents looking for independent schooling.

For many years it was considered a private school that is run like a business. Over the years Curro has proven itself to provide quality education across all its schooling models. But legacy alone was no longer driving brand reputation, schools had to know what they stood for and what they would like to be known for.

Celebrating 25 years, it was the perfect time to update the brand and strengthen its position in the ever-growing competitive education landscape of South Africa.

The task was to ensure focus on the parent brand, Curro, within an updated monolithic brand architecture that contains its various schooling models. Curro, as an overarching institution, is often the first level of comparison for learners and parents. The decision structure is at the top level and this is where awareness was built.

We evaluated and dissected the current logo to see where simple updates could be made to ensure its timeless relevance and better its display in both online and offline applications without losing its essence and credibility.

Once the logo was resolved and tested on its multitude of touchpoints, the task of addressing each individual application was tackled. From vehicles to social posts, gazebos, bookmarks and everything in between. The brand language needed to remain clean and consistent while allowing creative interpretation and input from the internal design team.

Working closely with and receiving critical input from the Curro team ensured each brand touchpoint was successfully translated to its given audience within its specific channel. The enthusiasm and helpfulness of the Curro team was the key contributor to the success of the brand update and rollout. What a pleasure to have worked with such a knowlegable and appreciative group of people. Their belief in the Curro brand ensures its vision of quality education is carried into the future!