Cape Town Museum

Connecting the people and places of Cape Town through stories from the past, for a better future.

As with all great brands, the Cape Town Museum’s journey started as a strategic ember. After many collaborative sessions with key stakeholders, providing specialist direction from their various fields, we solidified the strategic foundation, which includes everything from purpose to values, functional to emotive benefits, audience analysis, competitive context and more. The resulting conclusions provided a clear direction of what the brand is setting out to do and drew the startline for design to commence.

A world-class memory-making hub that is both a place and a ‘museum without walls’. Using a large network, we bring together and share diverse histories and stories of the city over time. We inspire Cape Town citizens by facilitating a holistic understanding of their past, informing their present and inspiring their future.

The Cape Town Museum logo was designed by visually translating three conceptual elements (perspective, transition and catalyst). Each concept ties back to the brand’s essence and the public’s perception thereof.

Key design requirements were simplicity and timelessness, as the brand application would need to be robust in terms of its variety of applications and the extended longevity thereof. Without question, the brand needed to leave a mark of credibility because of the factual content it provides and the sector it operates within.

Parallel with the logo design, the extended brand language elements started to take shape. Using our geometric emblem as a starting point for a variety of functional and aesthetic applications in contrast with organic imagery and primitive patterns we achieved and uniquely layered visual style that is approachable and culturally relevant.

Working on a brand with a clear purpose organically informs the design in the right direction and makes the design journey fun and its outcome truly rewarding. Oh, and did we mention, we’re from Cape Town!