Andani Africa

Boldly branding an African thought leader.

Andani Africa is a brand with its pulse on the creative and cultural industries. Andani believes that when these industries are utilised correctly, they can bring about real social change for African communities. By utilising research, insights and strategic advice to achieve change they strive to make an overall positive impact throughout Africa.

Andani Africa was formed in 2016 out of a need to strengthen research approaches and address knowledge gaps in the understanding of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCis).

Our task was to create a brand that breaks the confines of the expected – while remaining modern and relevant in the African market. Our first step was to help them build their brand community and generate brand awareness and engagement amongst their clientele.

We assisted them in updating their logo and visual language, to reflect a vibrant, modern and youthful character, while still upholding a sense of credibility, especially when engaging with their data and research touchpoints.

The simplicity of the logo allows for greater versatility within various applications and keeps the brand contemporary. Clean typography complemented by Nsibidi and African-inspired patterns and symbols, ensures clarity in communication while visually resounding its African roots.

Thank you

“Working with the Infestation team was a total blast! They took our company’s ideas and transformed them into this super cool, fresh brand identity that we absolutely love! These guys are like creative wizards – we had a blast collaborating with them. It was more fun than a rollercoaster ride! Infestation, you got our creative juices flowing like never before, and we can’t thank you enough for making our brand shine. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you rockstars!

Lonwabo Mavuso

– Director Andani Africa