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Brand Design: Strategic Branding and Design that Enables Your Business Goals

The strategic brand design difference: Discover design with a purpose and see how our brand development designers create real strategic solutions

There’s a big difference between quickly designing something (an ad, a logo, a brochure) and creating strategic brand design, branding and guidelines for all your creative that filters through and encompasses all your communication to ensure everything you do directly supports your strategy and business goals. 

The first, almost anyone can do and it can only take your business so far. The latter? You’ll need an experienced team that’s worked all over the world and is preferably also fluent in advanced brand strategy.

Branding by Design Infestation

And that’s what sets us apart. Design Infestation is a specialist brand design agency with over 20 years’ experience serving brands in various local and global markets. From local Cape Town and Johannesburg brands in South Africa to brands in Europe, Dubai, Indonesia, China and around the world. 

We specialise in brand strategy, identity and positioning to inform all your creative. Using design to ensure that all your creative and communication directly serves your business strategy.

Who needs good design?

In short. Everyone. Whether your business is at a point of change and needs a rebrand, or you’d just like to revamp existing collateral to create new perceptions of and interactions with your brand, we can help.

Another way to think of it is: When your brand has a good offering but sales growth is not showing this. Ask yourself: is it being effectively communicated or realised in the market?

Strategic, brand-led creativity

Our team of brand development designers apply the fundamentals of brand strategy to tease a brand to life. Our team excels in developing the logo, corporate identity systems, architecture and design language that set the brand apart and ensure unique, memorable engagements.

We are nimble, versatile, and we make it our business to introduce simplicity where complexity reigns. Our mission is to understand and make sense of the complicated context in which our clients operate so that we can help their brands thrive.

Time to take your marketing and communications to the next level? Contact us.

Launch in a new area, boost sales growth and up your competitiveness. Unlock the power of simplexity with our award-winning brand agency.

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