Where did my customers go? Are they still out there? How do I  re-engage and reconnect with a customer? Maybe we should find our True Selves first

We’re seeing the impact of a global demand crisis. 

The seemingly necessary public-health response has caused enough distress to produce a discerning market. And you’re seeing it even in the B2B space, where your customers are turning every cent over twice.

Rome’s burning. And suddenly, everyone is out and about, but nobody is knocking on your door. Which doesn’t mean the demand is gone, though. You just have to work a little smarter to reconnect with your customer and secure your share.

In fact, there’s reason to believe that it doesn’t have to cost you more. We are all in the same distressed market, after all. Because a demand crisis doesn’t deplete your worth. We all still have value. Consequently, it’s just about how you’re communicating it.

So, how do you reconnect with your customer?

Remember your True Value – what got you here, why you started this – and use that to reconnect with your customer, re-engage core clients and rediscover your demand. It could be your service delivery, your original product proposition, your authentic networking, or a product that is defined by the primary needs of your customers.

Either way, now’s time to act decisively and recapture who you are.


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All is not lost – actually, this is probably your moment

Crises tend to spur huge progress. And sometimes progress is not the same as bigger or more. Sometimes smarter is the way to go.

Start with asking smarter questions: Why are you in this business again? How do you benefit the world? What sets you apart from your competitors? And what energises your team?

Rediscovering your WHY could be the key to reconnecting with your market. And we’ve created a DIY kit to help you do just that. See our post with 5 questions you should ask yourself to (re)discover your True Value.


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