In keeping with our drive to offer single-minded solutions across a multitude of complex challenges within the world of branding, we are excited to announce our expansion to the land of Yorkshire pudding, Buckingham Palace and fanatic footie fans – London.

Our very own Wayne Harrison, Head of Client Service, is spreading his wings and landing firmly with Infestation on his mind to take our ethos to the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of combined creative and strategic account management experience, a row of awards on his shelf, and a real passion for connecting consumers with brands, Wayne is the right man for the task. His aim is not only to fly the South African flag in foggy London town, but also to represent the Infestation vision: to help our clients create great companies through uncovering and leveraging local insights, with the spark to ignite sales and staying power to build enduring brands. And as always – with quality and kindness as the guiding light for everything we do and create.

We wish Wayne and his family well on their new journey, and look forward to this new and exciting chapter.